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Bionic Tree Communication Tower

时间:2019-02-20 13:13
The tower is a 30-meter bionic tree of Inner Mongolia Branch of China Unicom Co., Ltd. (refers to the height of the tower, two antenna support layers are considered in the design, each antenna support includes three poles, the design reference period is 50 years, the design life is 50 years, and the design service life is 50 years. The structure safety level is two levels.

Specification :
1.The basic wind pressure of the tower is 0. 55 kN/m2, the roughness of the ground is class B, the seismic protection is considered according to the octave area, the tower must not be placed on the ft, tuyere and other special area, desert or along the lake and so on.
2.The tower is provided with two layers of support layer, with three poles for each platform, which can carry 3 antennas. The upwind area of each antenna is not more than 0.7 m2.
3.Tower body, antenna, platform, climbing ladder and other weight based on the actual area and volume weight product. The platform and platform support shall be determined according to the actual technological conditions, and the load shall not be increased at will.

Bionic trees can be customized according to local conditions (site surrounding environment, antenna load, wind speed, etc.), so that the communication tower and environment, building integration, effectively solve the theme parks, resorts, golf courses, The problem of ironworks in zoos and other areas is not in harmony with the environment.